Safe Housing and Serving Veterans Attorney

Reports to: Executive Director

Minimum Qualifications:
■ Proven project management, organizational, and administrative skills (must be experienced in Word suite)
■ Supervisory experience
■ Program development experience
■ Proven speaking and written communication skills
■ Licensed in good standing to practice law in the state of Alabama
■ Background check and citizenship clearance
■ A passion and a capacity for service that improves opportunities for those in greatest need

Special Demands: Must have sufficient manual dexterity to type efficiently, have limited impairments to vision or be able
to utilize a screen reader, be ambulatory and be able to lift a minimum of 30 lbs. (out-of-office legal clinics supply lifting),
be able to speak and be understood clearly for client interaction and speaking on behalf of the organization.

Overall: Make volunteering easy for private attorneys by developing and executing innovative programming, training,
support, and case management that results in the greatest number of low-income people possible obtaining immediate help
solving life-altering legal problems. Work with the Executive Director to develop new programs, improve existing
services, engage non-profit collaborators, and develop grants and other funding to improve access to justice for lowincome

Basic Functions: The Safe Housing and Serving Veterans Program Manager specifically manages and implements
programming to:
1. Keep low-income people housed by:

o Stopping wrongful evictions.

o Fighting foreclosures and ejectments.

o Helping end homelessness.

2. Ensure safe living conditions by enforcing landlords’ obligations to maintain habitable housing.

3. Provide legal services targeted to Veterans.

4. Improve access to justice by facilitating waivers of court fees and fines.

Attorney Recruitment
■ Recruit attorneys to volunteer at a Help Desk or to accept an extended representation case by conducting
presentations to law firms and companies, speaking at events where attorneys are gathered, and recruiting
volunteers one-on-one.

■ Maintain an accurate form that attorneys interested in volunteering can complete and indicate their volunteering

■ Ensure that all attorneys who have volunteered with VLP or would like to volunteer have their information
entered correctly and kept current in the Attorney Database in LegalServer.

■ Be proficient in using the LegalServer Attorney Database to identify volunteers for Help Desks and extended
representation cases. (Information in the database should include at minimum: Help Desks where attorney would
like to volunteer and has volunteered, types of cases attorney wishes to accept and has already accepted, whether
the attorney can serve as a mentor, the firm/company where the attorney works, and how many hours the attorney
has volunteered with VLB.)

■ Provide regular reports to the ED on all attorney volunteering activity including: list of attorneys who have
volunteered ranked by time volunteered and accepted cases, attorneys who currently are working open cases, and
firms/companies that have volunteered ranked by time volunteered and accepted cases.

■ For eBrief weekly, provide photos of volunteer attorneys with correct names/firms, completed closed case
information for “Attorney Spotlight” with photos, and names/firms of attorneys who have accepted cases with

■ Use Sign-Up Genius and Sign-Up Genius calendar to manage Help Desk attorney volunteering.

Attorney Training
■ Provide attorneys sufficient client information and materials through LegalServer, including income,
demographical information, and pertinent case information to be able to provide service at a Help Desk and/or
accept a case for full pro bono presentation.

■ Provide simple “cheat sheets” including pleadings, court fees, and other information that explains what an
attorney at a Help Desk or an attorney accepting a pro bono extended representation case should do if their client
has any of the Safe Housing and Veterans legal issues:

o Wrongful eviction

o Fighting foreclosure/ejectment

o Making landlords maintain habitable housing

o Helping homeless client and/or homeless veteran obtain ID which enables them to obtain housing by
facilitating community service or waivers to reduce/dismiss old fines and warrants

■ Maintain simple attorney trainings on the key Safe Housing and Veterans legal issues that can be delivered to law
firms/companies so attorneys will feel confident volunteering at Help Desks and accepting pro bono cases.

■ Hold at least two full CLE trainings a year on Safe Housing and Veterans legal issues.

Help Desk Management
■ Ensure that VLB is serving low-income clients most in need by managing at minimum one Court Help
Desk a week and at least four neighborhood/social services Help Desks a year to ensure potential clients have
access to VLB’s services. As part of the Help Desk management, ensure:

o Adequate volunteer attorney staffing and intake staffing

o All computers, hotspots, printers are working

o Forms and materials are up-to-date and available

o Help Desk is managed in a professional manner and all clients are treated with respect

■ Maintain contact and good relationships with the courts including intentional contact with Civil and Municipal
Court judges, the clerk’s offices, judicial assistants, and other court personnel.

Case Management (Intake, Ongoing management, Closing)
■ Leverage LegalServer at Help Desks to facilitate efficient check-in while obtaining necessary eligibility, case, and
reporting information.

■ Use the LegalServer Attorney Database to identify potential volunteer attorneys for pro bono extended
representation cases.

■ Write accurate and compelling case summaries to be included in eBrief to market cases.

■ Develop and facilitate a referral network from social service agencies to be able to send clients efficiently to VLB and for VLB to be able to refer clients in need of more than legal help to the social service

■ Intentionally contact attorneys who have accepted extended representation cases on a regular basis to provide
assistance and support.

■ Use LegalServer to accurately manage cases with notes and next steps to successfully shepherd cases to

■ Leverage LegalServer to quickly close cases, noting successful conclusions.

■ Develop and run client service reports on each of the Safe Housing and Veterans core cases including number of
clients served, clients assigned to a pro bono attorney, outcomes of cases, and include relevant information such as
homeless/veterans clients who were jailed due to nonpayment of fines and other data identified as key to
measuring success.

■ Develop new programs.

■ Develop new funding streams.

■ Maintain up-to-date and accurate Help Desk flyers, website presence, and posters.

■ Ensure that stakeholders have marketing materials and are encouraged to use them to market VLB’s

AmeriCorps Members and Law Student Intern Supervision
■ Provide detailed job descriptions and processes to AmeriCorps and interns.

■ Manage AmeriCorps and interns to leverage their full potential.

■ Comply with all AmeriCorps and school requirements.
Other Duties as Assigned
■ Continually seek ways to improve by benchmarking to other programs, being involved in Safe Housing and
Veterans organizations, and building relationships with other nonprofits with similar goals.

■ Serve as back-up attorney at Domestic Relations, District Court, and Bankruptcy Help Desks.

To  Apply: Please email a cover letter, resume, and references to Nancy Yarbrough, Executive Director ( Deadline to apply is Friday, June 29th.