BBVLP Return on Investment

Donations from the Birmingham legal community are the primary funding source for the Birmingham Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program; and those donations are being put to good use.

For every $1 invested in the BBVLP this year, the Birmingham community received $12.38 of immediate and long-term financial benefits.

That’s a 1,238 percent return!

This percentage is the social return on investment number that was provided to us as part of a report commissioned by the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation.

These financial benefits are a result of future cost savings and additional income to the community.

The long-term benefits will be seen in areas like savings on children’s medical and other support costs from child support payments that were previously unpaid as well as savings on costs for emergency housing and family assistance from enforcing landlord/tenant law.

For a copy of the full report and explanations on how the 1,238 percent return was calculated, click here.